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Lecture 12

ENGL 365 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Solipsism, Sweeney Agonistes, The Cocktail Party

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ENGL 365
Glenn Willmott

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30 October 2014
Late Eliot - Drama Continued: The Cocktail Party (1950)
next Monday/Thursday class cancelled
Marie Lloyd
oEliot drawn to drama/the stage (like Yeats)
onot much patience for popular, contemporary dramatic stage -- valueless
olower-class world of stage; the music hall
untainted by middle/upper class life/values/aspirations
vital art form
middle-class art dead, morbid
oMarie Lloyd's success because of "her sympathy with the audience"; interacting with
her audience; understanding her audience -- sympathetically in contact w/broad
control over her art/audience during performances
sympathy & control
oritual: art as ritual, not art as aesthetics/entertainment
implies something sacred/spiritual action
social ritual
"stage always is a ritual"
music hall ritual dying as well; Eliot not expecting continuity
Eliot drawing music hall elements into fragmentary, avant-garde modern poetry
onot a revival or transformation; pessimistic reviving of an already
limited/impossible/dying art form
Sweeney Agonistes
omixed up contents of his mind; illustration of modern life
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