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Lecture notes Week 17

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Film and Media
FILM 110

Week 17- Television Comes of Age Feb 4 February-04-13 11:08 PM  160's moving culture images  Characture dosent help us understand the culture  Pop culture of 60's ( we attribute to the 60's) o Woodstock 69 o Beatles break up 70 o Vietnam war ends 77  Governments of North America moved for the left on the domestic level o Johnson was far more socialist (democratic) then obama o But Johnson was also leading a destructive war in Asia  Baby Boomers born 46-63 o Teenagers and young adult in the 60's o 60's marked their time of spite and their rebellion  Economics o Economic prosperity o Greater economic equality o High taxes o Welfare state (not as many people in poverty) o Growing middle class o Rise of the suburbs o Expansion of consumer culture  Network tv  Personal is Political o Cultural revolution in arts and political life o Counter culture o Rock music- Woodstock, classic rock, rockfest exsspress o Sexual revolution (the pill) o Women's liberation o Civil rights and black power  Canada in the 60's o Election of Trudeau (68) o New ideas about education- the hall Dennis report (68) holistic education o Quiet revolution in Quebec o Quebec separatism and the October crisis (70)  60's Politics o Cold war o Threat of atomic anillation o Anti-colonial revolution (32 countries gained independence during the decade) o War in Vietnam o Russia and communism was the enemy o Marxist revolutionists of the jungle seen as good  60's Television o Most important appliance in the home o Normative representation of family and work life o Became powerful advertising medium  Better then the radio  A g
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