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Film 226 - Jan 18

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Queen's University
Film and Media
FILM 226
John Owens

Critical InquiryJanuary 18thNarrative Complexity in Mullholand Drive The classical Hollywood model of filmmaking 1890s to 1920s early cinema Examples of early cinema can be seen in the films editing The typical Hollywood film has a structure thats temporal story is told in which a story would occurVOG voice of godto tell you what to think tie the story Postmodernism a critique of universalism and centralism There is a focus on one zone of functionality rather than a meaning that is kind of up in the air and we can grab at whatever we feel fits best Technologies Provide 1 Increasing amount of ability ot engage with things directly We are now involved in creating Things are out there for us to modify and change and to create new things 2 Information is being delivered to us in incredibly complicated ways We are no longer used to sitting down and doing a single thing that we devote our full attention to Quietism how the way we come up with an
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