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Film and Media
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FILM 236
Francis Leeming

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FILM 236: Media Studies (Dr. Leeming) Week Two: Marx and Engel: • Hegemony: infers that one social class can shift the social values in a society in order to create a ruling class (linked to monopoly) • Ideology: believing in a cause - Set of ideas that constitutes one’s goals, ideas, and actions • Ruling class=ruling idea - You hold the means of material production and intellectual property - Can be displaced when new ruling class emerges Walter Benjamin • Through reproduction, it allowed a level of enlightenment to begin • Mass culture vs. sacred culture • Aura= an original piece of art is valued more highly (specialness/uniqueness) • Plays are original because you can only see that specific production once • The reader can become the author Week Three: • Hitler understood hegemony far too well • In order to acquire control and power, one must control physical and material production (drive them with ideas) • Triumph of the Will (193
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