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Film 240 Week 8 – Television

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FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

240 Week 8 – Television Talking about how we produce tv and how we watch, the different kinds and the history behind it. 40% households have more than 4 tv sets, and they are on through 8 hours through the day. Source: Nielsen Research TV sales flatt in 2011 and went down 6% in 2012 Global TV sales went down AGAIN in 2012 6.5% Source HIS Research wall street Some of the 3D programming has been cut because they didn’t sell enough 3D TVS The best selling point is the size of the TV. Televisoins connected to the web: 25% households with broadband own atleast 1 iTV. Web ready television connects to internet. 66M units have been shopped in 2012 a quarter of total market reaseach 2012 TDG Research More educated, more affluent, an early adopter of technology = first ones to have smart TVS. Its not going to be diluted because its becoming the normal. Going to future shop to get a TV and the default is a smart v. 75% of us want to have an interactive TV. They aren’t that different price point then dumb computers. Biased research because it was sponsor by Sony LG etc etc. Poll Question: I would like my TV to watch and suggest shows to watch 45% of class says they are interested. Traditional speaking is a “Lean back” experience, relaxing and watching something. Verses watching something like a lecture. With smart TV LEAN FORWARD with widgetzed and appified smart TV. More features, thus making it more engaging. 4 out of 10 smart tvs are not connected to web, because it is not user friendly. Too much distracting What about paid TV? 11.8M Canadian households have cable or satellite paid TV subscriptions. Souce HIS 2012. Why would someone opt for satellite instead of cable. Number of Canadians watch a combo of tc shows on TV sets and online 45%. – Canadian Press 2013. That figure is lower in US, it is %40. People are worried that the cord cutter phenonamean. 1 in 50 Canadians canceled paid TV service, kept internet connection. Global picture = in 2012 14% to 23% in 2013. – Ericsson 2013 global trends. 6 out of 10 US houses with paid TV also are paying for OTT ( over the top) subscription. Netflix for example it is not cannibalizing its just people want more of it. 2.5 Million Canadian homes are paying for Netflix right now. 16% adults stream all their TV from online sources. Broadcasters have to be thinking ahead and making their content available for us online or they will not exist very much longer. displacement effect : you only have so much time to spend with media. TV VS INTERNET. If you only have the same amount of time you are going to make choices. The most convenient and that will take you away from the old media formats. Most popular over the top services: Netflix, amazon prime, hulu  that could be why Canada isn’t getting on the bandwagon because two of them aren’t offered. Cordnevers: a generation of tech savy budget conscious consumers. College campus is where this is happening. The amount of time we are spending with TV. US= First time the avg adult will spend more time with inline service not TV. 4.3 avg time spent with TV. Canada= 4.2 hours daily avg time spent with TV. BBM Canada 2013 Ages: 6-8 = 28 hr/wk – 30% have a TV in their room Teens = 20 hr/ wk lowest rate of any age group = spends time on various screens Gen Y 18 – 24: 23 hrs/ wk – third person effect? BBM excluded all OTT television, actual cable or satellite Tv is the new electronic hearth sometime we are watching, some are, some are gathering. Tv plays a important part of our culture, when something crazy happens. Like a crisis or tragedy happens the mass media comes back to TV. We look for the images and analysis and we turn to the TV. The images play an important role and inspire and instruct us. Also when we are watching light hearted human interest news, or soap operas, you can make the same argument. Public understanding of ourselves. It is water cooler talk, it brings people together and gives something for us to talk about. Textbook says that you will feel the world is a more dangerous effect. It is the cultivation effect. Gives you a world view and you start thinking about the world in those times. Tv acts as cultural glue, brings people together to watch moments in our culture. Significant. Social cohesion, television as cultural glue. Brings people together and relatable. Also Mass market magazines, and superboal magazines. Some TV programs have event programming built right in. They have eventness want to experience something with other folks. EX SPORTS. Wanted to watch it live and together. 43% prime time audience knew results but they watched anyways. Because of social media spoilers, mid day news because of the time change. TiVo = 1999 Really exciting concept, binge on tv. Intelligently discover and record the programs. The “Netflix” model, with all of this happening some people argue that is it the end of prime time. We wont be sitting up waiting for our show to start, because we will watch it online later, stream it. 10PM was the best TV spot to have till 2012. But now it is popular with older audience. The era of appointment televsition is over – kevin spacey In 2013 8 our of 10 of Tv watching watch their program by appointment, so it still exists. Example breaking bad, was known as must see TV. Lots going on during the show time, and watch out for spoilers. For certain great shows appointment viewing exisits - ____________. 11.5 hou
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