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Film240 Week 7 - Books

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Sidney Eve Matrix

Week 7: Books Agenda: 1. Reading habits 2. Book publishing 3. Selling books The average adult reads ten books a year: source pew 2012 Benefits of reading:  Improved health and well being  Feel good read, cognitive and emotional benefits  Enhancement to academic performance, better memory and imaginiation and score better on tests  Better conversationalists  Never be alone, always have books  Escaping boring life 75% Gen Y reads regularly for pleasure: Pew 2012 Women are 3X more likely than men to read for pleasure  leausre reading gendered from childhood. Girls read more 20% boys say they do not like reading progress international literacy study boys pick informational, humour, graphic novels. Parents and the love of reading boost kids tests score of 35% points higher. Parents who read to their kids when they are young make them smarter.  Improved reading  Improved language comprehension  Expressive language skills  Classroom attentiveness and performance in the class room Oxford University: Read to kids when they are past four, most parents stop reading stories before child is eight. Is it important so kids have that bonding time. Age fifteen is the key literacy age, correlation between reading and higher ed. They will go further and higher at 21. Reading for pleasure at age 15 key to cognitive development even more important than parent’s level of education: source British cohort study. Children are more likely to own a cell phone than a book a study says: Almost 9 of 10 students have a mobile phone. About 6 out of 10 have their own books at home. Source: national literacy test study. eReading: New platforms  GenY: Higher interest in e-books than younger readers pew 2012  Seniors read 3x faster on a tablet. Reading is beneficial to successful aging. When you read it increases your well-being and life satisfaction.  Research shows young children recall less content from enhanced eBooks than digital versions of the same book. Source: Joan Ganz Cooney Center, cited in wall street journal. o They don’t comprehend them as well because they are more like games or shows  Transition from bookstores, or houses and bookshelves to a tablet. Audiobooks: In the US $1.2B industry in 2012 Audiobook sales volume 30% increase – Wall Street Journal 12% of Gen Y listened to an audiobook last year. Audible an amazon company: They know where we want the story and don’t care about the platform. It’s the story, and its there for you anyway you want it. “Whispersync” for Voice: Kindle and Audible. Switch between listening and reading.  Buy digital book and you can add the audio for $4.00 PART 2: Book Publishing Trade books: They can be hardcovers or paperbacks, aimed at general readers, sold mostly at bookstores. You wont find them at shoppers or the corner stores. They can be popular science, business, cooking books. They are bigger than paperbacks, and they are more expensive. Mass Market: Paperbacks, softcover, about $10 - 12, sold in grocery stores, airports, and drugstores. Trade books are worth 50% of Canadian sales revenue because they are more expensive. Mass market titles because they are priced so low they sell lots of them but they are only worth 20% of Canadian sales. Romance Fiction: Harlequin Enterprises Canadian.  Born in Winnipeg and they are the most important Canadian publisher and the top world for romance novels. 100 title a month and they export 95% of their inventory in 26 languages. They have been pushing the envelope on eBooks. 2003 they started selling the books. They just started cobranding with NASCAR. Comic Books: Low cultural value? They were blamed for juvenile problems. Adopted a code of contact. MARVEL and DC – main two publishers of comics Marvel was just bought by Disney st “The
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