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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

Diaspora, Migration and Refugees: Jewish and African Diasporas Diasporas: from the Greek: speiro (to sow) dia (over) Connotations: collective trauma and banishment, longing for home and homeland. Each Diaspora is unique, and none are uniform. They are also about cultural memory of the event. Typology of Diaspora: Forced or victim (Jews, poles, Palestinians, Armenians, Inuits, First Nations, The Trail of Tears, Slaves), Imperial (Brits, French, Spanish, Portuguese), Labour (Indians, Chinese), Trading (Indians, Chinese, Dutch, English, American, African), Cultural (Caribbean) CAN YOU GO BACK? How easily? If you come back to Queen’s later on in life, it is different. Relationships and culture will change. It is arguably less the experience of the exile and the cultural memory. This is why Canadian communities still have strong ties to Britain. The Jewish Diaspora - over 2,500 years of exile - - First Jewish Exile (the Babylonian Exile) - great flourishing of Jewish culture - Integration into a rich and alien culture - Torah and Talmud developed - Jews in Egypt, Turkey, Damascus and Asia Minor - By the forth century BCE more Jews were outside than inside Israel Second Jewish Exile - Begins with the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem by the Romans (CE 70) - Marked by anti-Semitism - Emperor Constantine makes Christianity sole religion of the roman empire (313 CE) - European crusades - Spain and the inquisition - Russia and pogroms - Germany and its allies and the holocaust The Holocaust - Between 5 and 7 million Jews were killed - A considerable Diasporic spread - The creation of the state of Isreal - A deep anxiety, attachment to the homeland, attachment to community Effects of the holocaust on survivors - Significant population spread - Zionism - Development, defense and expansion of the homeland - Significant insecurity - Extraordinary endurance and achievement - Strong sense of identity beyond race and religious practice - Emphasis on community - Zionism is one of many products of Christian anti Semitism - Israeli Jews and Jews worldwide moved into a whole new era - Has not brought much in security due to hostile neighbors and Palestine African Diasporas - Human origins - Intra-African - The European colonial slave trade- South African move was much bigger, but
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