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Lecture 28

GPHY 102 Lecture 28: L28

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GPHY 102
Ryan K Danby

Lecture 28 Systems Cycles of the Biosphere Objectives Understand energy and matter flows in ecosystems. Examine ecosystem productivity. Compare and contrast different biogeochemical cycles Biogeography Focuses on distribution of life on Earth. Identification and description of processes influencing patterns of distribution at varying scales (space and time) Two major areas: o Historical Biogeography How spatial patterns arise over various scales of time and space (e.g., evolution, migration, dispersal, extinction). o Ecological Biogeography How distribution is affected by physical and biological environments. Ecosystem group of organisms and the environment with which they interact but are exposed to boundaries examples include: shoreline and land boundary, biological boundaries such as various animal species, oceanic topography, rotting log, etc scale independent with arbitrary boundaries that exist within an open system (must be a flow of materials and organisms across those boundaries) have multiple trophic levels (primary producers, consumers and decomposers) energy is never wasted in food webs as energy not transferred to next level is used to create matter Energy Loss in the Food Web Food webs are energy flow systems o Solar energy absorbed by primary producers o Eaten by consumers which use and store that energy When energy is transferred to next trophic level typically only 10 is used to build new biomass; rest is lost
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