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GPHY 102
Ryan K Danby

Ch 1 Spheres Systems and Cycles 4162013 20000 PM Geography study of evolving characterorganization of Earths surfaceBridges natural and social sciencesHolistic sees everything integratedDistinguished more by how it approaches problems than by the substance of the problems it examines o Regional Geography examines characteristics of particular places on the earthexamines everything in one area o Systemic Geography investigates that different places in timespace ex high and low pressure systemsLooks for principles that allow us to explain and predict the patterns and processes that we observe on the earthCan be physical or humanDisregards geographic location and looks at how land is formed what is happening to landGeographic Methods inherently spatial interested in geological terms and methods that link with scientific terms o Most common maps o Infrared remote sensing UV sensing o Provide info about earths surface Physical Geography examining natural processes including environmental responses to human activitiesTry to identifyunderstand environmental processessystems in order to take care of environment and understand human impact on these systems o Processes behavior mech By which change occursFunction and mechanisms o Pattern expression what you see at any given timeo Composition and structureImportant fields of science o Meteorology processes that cause shortterm fluctuations in properties of atmosphere daily weather o Climatology describes results of processes in terms of space and time variability of weather at diff places around the world o Geomorphology study of earths surface processes and landforms what land can tell us about processes that have happened o Coastal and marine geography studies geomorphological processes shaping coasts and shorlines o Geography of soils pedology studies distribution of soil types their properties and processes of formation o Biogeography patterns of landscape studies distributions of organisms over space and time and the processes that produce those distributionsApplications of phys Geo o Hazard assessment o Water resourcesSystems in Phys Geo o System approach considers the interconnections and flow of matter and energy in natural systems o Looks at entire system not just components Global geographic concerns o Climate change o Carbon cycle o Biodiversity o Pollution o Extreme events Spheres Scales and SystemsSphere atmosphere lithosphere hydrosphere biosphere 4 great realms o Atmosphere gaseous layer surrounding earth contributes to climate by redistributing heat and moisture from surface and energy from sun o Lithosphere the crust outermost solid portion of the earth many materials available to biosphere has an affect on climate due to topography ex Vancouver is warmer bc of the mountains that surround it o Hydrosphere portion of earth containing water process and movement of waterFrozen portion called cryosphere o Biosphere thin where all living things are dependent on other three layers to support life gases water nutrients Layers interact with each other in the life layer at surface of earthScales global to local objects areas processes dependent on scales o Global scale Earth vs external NRG Process of earth rotatingConsider planet and global NRG balance as whole o Continental scale results in uneven heating of the surface and continental scale phenomena are createdLand and waterLatitude longitude elevationIncludes ocean currents atmospheric circulation o Regional scale subcontinental scale TopographyPersistent weather patterns climateAffects of vegetation o Local scale communitybased ecosystem studies processs and interactionsMore irregularity lots of variationPatterns defined by finescaled factorsIndividual scaleTime scalesSystems flow system of matter and energy able to determine how systems react to change in inputs o Describe and observe patterns o Flow systems where something moves from one place to another thru time matter or nrgOpen flow systems both inputs and outpust of matter or NRGEx River system powered by climate and gravityClosed flow systems no inputs or outputs complicated pathways and interconnections referred to as cycles
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