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Lecture 5

HIST 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Pietas

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HIST 250
Laura Carlson

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Week 4, Lecture 1
A New Empire? Byzantium
330: Founding of CP by CI
395: Theodosius I: Division of the Empire
Sons: Honorius (W) and Arcadius (E)
408-450: Reign of Theodosius II
Column of Constantine
Ground zero of the E. Roman Empire
Milion: structure in which distance was measured relative to position from it.
The Eastern Empire in the early 5th c: Elements of Survival
oEast does not face same military pressures as the West
Governmental Cohesion
oRole of the Emperor
Philanthropia: donated a lot to the poor, buildings
Interacting with his citizens
Clementia: Mercy, power to pardon those (clemency)
Pietas: piety, publically seen praying, going to church
Overburdening in the west
More in check, still functioning administration
Theodosian Code
Commissions it
Codification of all law since Constantine
oMilitary Activity
Lessened imperial role
Political leader, not military commander
Beginning separation
Could it have contributed to the East’s survival?
oUrban structure
More urbanized surroundings than the west
External: Defense on two fronts
421-422, 440: Wars with Persia
439: Fall of Carthage to Vandals
440: Hunnic Raids in the Balkans
oForced tribute payments
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