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Winter term 121- Week 1 Readings will be sent by email/ on moodle by 5pm tonight The Enlightenment Part 1 Historical contexts Local time Dynastic Politics Stratified Culture Religion  Period where Western world looks upon itself, conscious consideration of itself, think of themselves/break from rest of the world  no conception of universal time- minutes are not counted- life is considered a cycle of life to death, everything happens at the same time each year (holidays, religious practices, etc.)  newspapers are beginning to spread wide production  average person can only inhabit a small area, neighbouring city as far as you could travel Politics  power divided/ divine ruler  claimed by sovereignty and or heredity  monarchy run by families that were centralized/ close with the ruling family, the better relationship you had with the ruling family the higher you were in society  1789 European leaders are well connected with each other, travel between each other, learn the other languages of the rulers, married their children to each other  Political culture- Peasant, urban, elite  peasant is most difficult, poorest, celebrated with church celebrations, something really virtuous with the hard life, people in the upper classes thought the life of peasants was not that hard and liked the idea of having to work for what you had  new cities, growing middle class (Bourgeois) forming city centres, form of government outside the royal family, building of town halls  democratization of politics is done by those who would be harmed the most (the elite) yet they felt it was necessary  had to show off what you had to maintain power- make-up, dress, jewels, wigs)  lots of luxury time, the more free time you had to for cards, banquets, etc. the wealthier you must have been Religion  public and private life, people speak using religious rhetoric, hard to understand in present times  religious imagery circulated cities  churches are powerful institutions, religion permeates life of daily people  progress of secularization, religion is meant to be a separate thing have its own world What is the Enlightenment?  enli
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