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HIST121 Post-Modernism

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HIST 121
Ana Siljak

HIST121 1 April 2013 Reading(s): Foucault, Said, Heisenberg Lecture 12: Post-Modernism - Enlightenment Globalized o Enlightenment has triumphed globally o Acknowledged by the whole world o Universally accepted principles o Culmination of modern Western history o Collective ideologies have faded o Individual pursuit of reason, self-interest, wealth - Liberal-democratic-capitalist model prevails; communism crumbled o Triumph of the politically liberal, technologically powerful nation (United States) o World returning to 1889 (Crystal Palace); science as a way for the future o World domination by the West o Renewed belief in progress in the 1990’s o Neo-enlightenment th o Return to optimism and confidence of the 19 century o Liberal-capitalism in unadulterated forms o Post-Enlightenment West as a culture o Liberalism suspicious of collective forms of unity o Triumph of enlightenment leads to questioning of enlightenment’s consequences themselves o Fukuyama argues liberal democracy is here to stay; constitutes final form of human government  Earlier forms held grave defects; liberal democracy free from fundamental, internal contradictions  Incomplete implementation  Ideal of liberal democracy cannot be improved on  Hegelian inspiration - Enlightenment Challenged o Inherent evils in liberalism; nationalism provides sense of belonging; belief in collective o Particularism over universalism; anti-globalization o Secular ideals destabilize moral standards o Liberalism empty of moral content o Religious and nationalist rejections of liberalism o The Rise of Identity Politics  Critiquing West from religious perspectives not doing so based on ancient texts of religious literature; they have read Western literature and philosophies  Rejected Western liberal tradition not simply in the name of religious philosophy but in the name of a harmonious alternative  Clinging to culture/identity/tradition  Need to cherish and preserve what is unique about each culture  Particularism and collectivism HIST121 1 April 2013 Reading(s): Foucault, Said, Heisenberg  Challenges globalization; modify individualistic aspects of the liberal project; culture, tradition, belonging  Identity, religion, liberal project – co-exist?  Competing ideologies? o Sayyid Qutb, Social Justice in Islam, 1950  Resistance to the enlightenment principles - Post-Modernism – arises out of Nietzsche and the Existentialist Tradition - 1. Roots: Anti-Liberal and Existentialist o Relativism o No valid universal truths o Marxism and liberalism both progeny of the enlightenment  Control the individual through invisible but ever-present
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