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Ana Siljak

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Enlightenment Globalized Francis fukuyama, the end of history,1992 u.s was seen as political liberal ,economic,technological imperialism -renewed belief in the power of enlightenement -the west as a culture is seen as the thing (post enlightenment) -the age of globalization -acknowledged by the whole world (western principles) -the rational,self interested and autonomous indivudial is the indidual that triumphed moving forward into ever progressive future -Incomplete implementation: was the final form but not everyone is there yet, some ppl may fail to have stable democracy and some may lapse back II. Enlightenment Challenged A. The Rise of Identity Politics sayyid qutb, social justice in islam, 1950 -inherent problems in liberalism that cannot be wished away by saying history has ended -precisely enlightenment project -for nationalists there is a need to cherish and preserve what is unique in each culture -collectivisism and particularism B.Postmodernism -there are truths and virtues and ideals and not one of them is valid
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