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Lecture 10

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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Lecture 10 Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Announcements: 6:35 PM - Research paper returned next week - Identity paper due March 26th - Final ExamReview on final day of class The Age of Earthrise - Study Guide will be on Moodle by this Friday A history of our times… - Historicaldistance: ○ Truth is the daughter of time II. Decolonization ○ Retrospectiveness is the secret weapon of the historian - Narration vs. concepts: Four modes: ○ Don't only tell the story of what happened,but try to distill the concepts from the story - Direct independence ○ Fragmentation vs integration ○ India,Vietnam  Fragmentation: Not lookingat the entirety of human process, but certain fragments to go - Representative government more in-depth ○ Jamaica,Trinidad  Integration: Combiningthe fragments into an integrated knowledge of humanity - Decolonization through integration: ○ Questioningintegration: ○ Made their colonies part of their ownstates  In the 4th century CE, a plethora of history writing emerged where historiansstarted writing ○ Martinique, Reuinion 'universal' history where they explainthe scheme of things have happened,and how they are - Overseas Territory: the 'unfoldingof God's plan' ○ Continued to be part of Europeannations  By the time the 16th century came about, we started discardingthese ideas. Not everything ○ Anguilla,Cayman Islands could be explained as God's plan, and different versions of integration emerge.  The views of integration are coloured by the time we live in III. Interrogating Globalization  New imagination: □ With new knowledge, we gain new perspectives on the past Two models: - The incremental globalizationmodel: Goals this week…. ○ Tells the story of humanity as a story of increasingglobalization I. Understand the narrative of world history from the end of the Second world war. In broadbrushstrokes, ○ Globalizationis not a new discovery how can we conceptualizethe processes and pivotal events since 1945? ○ "What modern is to time - global is to space." II. Interrogate the dimensions of our global age. What does globalization mean? Is it new? Does it bring - The late 20th century model - Appadurai homogenization? Does it render the idea of the nation-state defunct? Or does it solidify existing ○ Post 1960/1970is a new kind of imaginingour place in the world boundaries?  Not only a matter of integration, but how we can conceptualize our position in this III. Understand the age of earthrise as a fundamental shift in human development new time ○ Heightened frequency of global flows Plan this week… - Discuss the narrative of the Cold War. Ethnoscapes - The meaning, history and context of Decolonization - We are now inhabitinga time where moving people is an essential feature. You do not have to - Interrogating Globalization dream in most societies of going somewhere, you can go there. - "Earthrise" as a fundamental shift ○ A child grows up in China,knowsthat if they take the right path, they can move into Modernity and Earthrise as major themes of this term Western civilization,etc… ○ Stable communities I. Cold War - in 1959, Nixonwent to USSR to negotiate to end the Cold War. Went with all the technological Technoscape advancements to 'show off.' - The frequency of technology transfer is faster than ever before - USSRthought it was a wayto undermine Communism. Lookingat the tech, "whatwill women do then" - Portability of technology - Nixon: "Whathave you done with those whoare poor in the Soviet Union"(How have you exploited them?) Finacescape - Intensified the Cold War - Transferof wealth faster than ever before The Cold War in a nutshell: Ideoscapes - A tension between socio-economic frameworks - Transferof knowledge nearly instant ○ On one hand,the promiseof social mobility with free market enterprise which promotes
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