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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Surveillance Society and the One-Dimensional Man I. The Age of Late Capital The Stages of Late Capital  Fredric Jameson o 3 phases o For each phase, particular technologies o Cultural impacts 1. Market Capitalism – steam power – realism 2. Monopoly Capitalism – combustion motors – modernism  post 1880s/1890s 3. Consumer Capitalism – elections – postmodernism  1960s-now Elements of the Age of Late Capital  Rejection of Victorian standards  Rejection of realism  Rejection/questioning of hierarchy  Questioning of convention  Questioning the meaning of marriage and sexual norms  Questioning religious puritanism  Ending the separation between serious and popular culture  Rejections of racism and social oppression Narrative in the Age of Late Capital  Criticisms of empiricism?  Significance is a judgment of the historian  Research agenda is never neutral  Impossible to write narrative using only empiricism Metanarratives in the Age of Late Capital  Jean-Francois Lyotard o Living in an age where we are suing science as a metanarrative o Science = truth  Science as metanarrative  In
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