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Lecture 5

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Queen's University
HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Semester 2, Week 5 Hist 122 Modernity and the Political System I. Modernity A Few Terms… Modern Modernization Modernism Modernity Modern  Modern as the present tense  Antithesis of the past  Changing meaning  To be modern… o State of perpetual change o Explosive upheaval Modernism  Awareness of being in the modern  At home in the maelstrom of changes brought about by the modern  Ideology – arrogance; certainty  Triumphalism of the present Modernization  Industrialization  Change in landscape  Production system  Built environment  Modernization as a stage Modernity  Consequence of modernization  Reflective process  Rapture from the past  Birth of a new way of life Recognizing change  Baudelaire  Marx Modernity and Change  The French Revolution o New political forms o Sovereignty of the people  PLUS consequences of capitalism Domains of Change  Individuals as citizens, not subjects  Political structure  Knowledge systems  Worldview Worldview  The invention of nature o Nature separate from people o Exploitation of nation o Consequence of industrialization  The idea of progress  Power of logic  Prestige of science Knowledge Systems  The medieval university  Theology, medicine, law, and philosophy, as main areas of study  The philosophers’ battle  Battling the philosophers  Empiricism o Emerging of scientists  Laplace and Napoleon Knowledge Systems: The Great Divorce  Philosophy and science  Two cultures – modern university  Science and the humanities  Social sciences  History – “historical nations”  Modernity and 3 social spheres o Market o The state o The civil society
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