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Queen's University
HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

History 122 second last class Environmental legacies of IR - reliance on fossil fuels - accelerated depletion - deep pollution (pollution has penetrated on a molecular level) Technology and the path ahead - the complacent path o choose to be ignorant o radical return ( go back to how things were before technology) - the introspective path o making more informed decisions Population - explosion of people since 1950 - Technology and food production have lead to a higher population - Agricultural engineering has helped population - Medicine - Sanitation What does this mean? -impact on the planet because of population - over 300000 indivduals born every day -human bio mass explosion - unprecedented pull on ecosystems - Agents of mass extinction - by 4051 bc total weight of human will be the total weight of the earth Human years - the meaning of human years - 18 billion beings have lived on this world - 2.1 trillion years life has been on this earth - the last 4 million years human years have been lived 28% of those human years are after 1750 - after 1900: 20% - 20 century one fifth of the entire human years in .000025 part of human history - after 1950: 13% energy consumption - somatic energy regime o before 1800 globally people used mostly somatic energy o stored somatic energy by controlling other people (slaves) o Fluctuations in somatic energy o Limitations (our own energy) o Fossil-fuel energy regime in 1850 by the end of the century we were very dependent on fossil fuel - Coal consumption o 1800: 10 million metric tons of coal used mostly by England o by 1900: 1000 million metric tons o 1990:5000 million metric tons o ruins the environment - steam engine o earliest form of usage was to draw water for coal mines o efficiency before 1800 not really used o capacity in 1800 5% efficient o by 1900 they became 30 times more powerful o feedback loop and coal consumption - oil consumption o drake something found out how to drill for petroleum o in 1880 germans found out you could use petroleum as fuel o replacement of biomass fuel (cow dung) o global disparity and inequity o
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