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Lecture 2

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HIST 122
Ariel Salzmann

Week Two: In the Beginning… 18 September 2012 Civilization- where do humans come from? What questions keep us from knowing about human origins? Big Questions: Who are we? -recording origins of humanity “Boxes” blind us from these questions Is geography destiny? Civilization related to written records, Barbarism, those who don’t write. From Encyclopedia Brittanica Civilization Race- ex. Lemba claimed to be Jews, followed same rules and principles of faith. How can they be Jews? No written records, no Torah, etc. -> Jews came to Africa, married Africans and reproduced. ** Races are not a single “boxed” idea. They can and often do overlap** -The human genome project (HGP) is an international endeavour to understand the hereditary instructions that make each of us unique and human. -Initial goals of the project are to catalogue the 3 billion or so DNA base pairs the make up the human race. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)- in mitochondria inherited through mothers *Race has no basis in science- there’s no such thing as ‘race’ Conquest wiped out civilizations ex. The Maya had large cities, agriculture, religious beliefs, accurate calendars. Th
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