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Panopticons, Poverty, and Power: Liberal Order in Canada

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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Panopticons, Poverty, and Power: Liberal Order Comes to Kingston 11/12/2012 12:59:00 PM I. The Flogging of Peter Charboneau  Kingston Pen 1846  Peter Charboneau flogged with a Cat-o’-Nine-Tails because he momentarily broke the rule of silence for laughing. He had been lashed 57 times in 9 months for breaking the silence rule  He was only 10 years old  This is but one small moment in the making of liberal order in Canada Kingston General Hospital  In 1841 Upper and Lower merge into one Provence  Parliament of the United Province of Canada is made in Kingston  KGH became the Parliament  Fort Henry - 1832 begin, 1837 completed  Local boosters predicted in 1840’s north area of Kingston would accommodate 8million settlers, high confidence  New governor general arrives…. II. Lord Sydenham: Liberal and Lothario  Sydenham Street named after him o Lived in Alwington House 1841, would ride from there into Kingston for official appointments o Not all of his appointments were work related, had a love of wine and women o Sydenham fell of his horse, galloping back because he was late for a dinner after being with his mistress. Contracted lock-jaw and died 15 days later. In his will he gives his housekeeper and her unborn child he gave an annuity of 200 GBP  Replaced by Bagot as governor general, he dies a year later also o 511 Bagot Street, Vice-Regal Residence of Steven Maynard!  Tories called themselves liberal conservatives o New politicians and parties from the 1840’s onwards shared a lot of ideals  Freedom of speech, freedom of the individual, private property etc…  Liberals advocated free market th III. Property and Poverty in Mid-19 -Century Kingston A. Men of Property  King Street, wealthy owners, mansions o BMO, King Street 1845, now The Frontenac Club Inn  Kingston becomes home to a greater and greater number of skilled workers and labourers. Large number of shipbuilders.  Mechanics institutes become public libraries  Working conditions less than desirable o Women subjected to female slavery working in shirt making factories o Employers at dockyard complained about their workers vile and disorderly conduct: drunkenness, and their habit of ending the work day whenever they felt like it o This is the very first generation of people who are working for wages  1835 – One shoemaker tried to slash his workers wages, who then wrecked his factory and smeared poop all over his house B. Proletarians and Poop  July 12 1843 – Orange Order attacks a Catholic church, riot involves 300 people  Tavern riots also: The Royal Tavern (once owned by Sir John A. MacDonald)  Foucault brings our attention to institutions put in place during this time to raise good, Liberal subjects C. Garrisons and Grog Shops IV. Panopticons and Punishment: the Kingston Pen  Est. 1835  New thinking is that wrongdoers might not only be punished but may also be reformed. They will do this through rigid behavioral reform in the prison. Instill discipline and moral order  Hard work and forced silence would creat moral discipline and respect for authority. And all these ideas were put forward by … o Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) o Friend of Sydenham, liberal, utilitarian o Created the panopticons, circular prisons that created idea of permanent surveillance o If you constantly think you are being watched, you internalize the discipline and instills self-discipline o Foucault uses panopticon as metaphor  Canada previously favoured public physical punishments  Panopticon not only form of surveillance th o Tabulating and tracking individuals: the new 19 century techniques of surveillance. Name, age, physical attributes, crime etc. o Prison register very similar to census which comes into existence around 1840’s o Gov’t needed a new way of keeping track of its citizens, ne
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