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Queen's University
HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

First Nations Comfort New Comers Monday September 24 2012 th Some historians say that when the Euro’s arrived the way of life and everything of the First Nation’s was destroyed.  However, many disagree. So, did the arrival actually lead to this?  Alexander Mackenzie arrived on the west coast as the “first white man” to arrive. However, they had already possessed Euro goods. Natives dominated the early trading networks – Demanded Euro’s respect Aboriginal’s trading systems.  Wanted to establish a metaphorical kinship – referred to the Euro’s as “Brother”  Exchange gifts before trading  They wanted Euro’s to learn the language European disease – Killed many aboriginals, became strong weapons: Small pox, measles.  European priests looked like strong “shamans” because they were immune to the diseases. Religion The Aboriginals took in the Jesuits because it fit in under their social order (kinship) the exchange of people was accepted. Some of the Jesuits tried to assume control- messing with the kin-ordered society. “Martyrdom of the Jesuits” (1649). Priests were killed by Aboriginals. The English approached it by attacking the Aboriginal way of life and forcing them to change their ways to become English protestant. The Jesuits were much more flexible – they followed the aboriginals on semi-nomad hunts instead of forcing them to change. However, the Jesuits demanded that the Shaman’s were not to be consulte
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