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Queen's University
HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

New France and the Hierarchies of the Soil Monday October 1 2012st The habitant was the majority of French speakers in North America. They are the ones who put down permanent residences.  Monarchy made the decision 1608, after an attempt to settle in Port Royale, they tried to settle in Quebec. Samuel de Champlain works on a fort when the St. Lawrence River narrows. 1663, Louis XIV: decides to turn Quebec into a royal colony. Things start to pick up. Land to be distributed by seignieurs. Their job was to attract settlers. Free hold land system: Modern system – private property. France: “Nulle terre sans seignieur” - Always a struggle for power So, who owns the land? King- King could retake the land whenever he wanted. Habitants had to repay the king with military service. Habitant- farm working on the land. If they maintained it well; could keep, sell, and give up in their wills Seigneurs- Could revoke any selling of the land. Controlled the habitants. Kicks off habitants to sell.
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