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HIST 125

Week 11 November 21, 2011  Discovery of dinosaurs  God is a deceiving overlord was a belief that was growing  Dinosaurs support Noah’s Ark  1809 Fathered Dr. o Charles Darwin – Journal of Researches (1893) – Origin of Species  1859 – Origin of species is the most controversial o Used empirical approach  Themes of his works were o Individual variation varies o Competition o Favourable traits more distinct  Those less favourable extinct  The Descent of Man (1871) o Progression of existence  Humans are no longer special, people become upset thought they were individual the theory of creation  Challenges o View of the Age of the Earth o Dominant scientists o o Rejecting creationism o Mankind part of animals was found by some insulting  Destructive of divine authority  Thomas Huxley v. Wilburfurth (Bishop) o Huxley won  Most Christian thinkers began to reconcile  Huxley began spreading the work to working class  Growing secular attitude  Darwins Theory has been reused o Consistent revision to address FAQ’s raised  Survival of the fittest  Hackel confusedly link Darwinism with sociology creating fascism – Social Darwinism o Successful business men showed they were fittest o Conservatives said progression over time worked for evolution therefore good for the government  War is the great and natural way of life – war is good o Removes those unwanted by nature – a natural check o Which would be later developed by Thomas Malthus in 1789 with the printing of An Essay on the Principle of Population where his notion of Natural checks comes up  Darwinism has been twisted around and from it evil things have been created o Social Darwinism  Darwin’s Theory challenged every day thoughts  Evolution and creationism is being taught side by side, but evolution is still not widely accepted Week 9
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