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Lecture 16

HIST208 Lecture 16: HIST 208 Week 8

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HIST 208
Christo Availis

Week Eight November 2, 201510:02 AM Day One Final paper on the 20th Sources from the syllabus can be used in the paper however do not count towards the number of sources Peter Smith looks at confederation and the leadins to confederation as an ideological event Why do the conservative party and toris want confederation why do the others not want it It used to be viewed as an economic event not an ideological Andrew Smith argues that you need to look at how major elite economic interests responded to confederation Confederation happened because the one percent wanted it to happen It would have never happened without the social, economic elite, how investors work, how they influence political law, how they can use interest rates and bond rates Peter Smith You have to look as it as a broad battle with two strains of liberalism Republican liberalism Elites have too much power about economics and socialism, everything is designed for the over centralised elite people A lot of the power is outside the communities where they live Political system in question is reverting back to how it was before the revolution 1830s Urbanisation is becoming more and more of a reality, people are no longer tied to the land, it used to be that being tied to the ground kept you grounded, it was virtuous, cities are viewed as hurting that Types of wealth in the city: investmentfinance, industrymanufacturing Cities concentrate wealth and lean towards financial capital Money shifts from being a source of exchange to a finance capital, profit as a reality, accumulation of money for
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