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2.1 HIST 295, September 18th

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Queen's University
HIST 295
Gordon Dueck

HIST 306 Holocaust Problems and Interpretations Tuesday, September 18 th First essay due, October 26th  Comparison between Hitler and the Holocaust (discussed in class) and Ordinary Men (individual interpretation) th September 28 , class is cancelled – Professor Dueck’s gone Hitler and the Holocaust – Introduction and Chapter 1  Each paragraph of the introduction is an excerpt from the following chapters in the book  Religious anti-Semitism led to a racial anti-Semitism  They weren’t killed for their beliefs, they were killed for being Jewish – racial discrimination, not theological  Difference between ancient, medieval, and modern anti-Semitism, but they are connected  Nazis demonized the Jews, often through theological language  Unprecedented crime against humanity – planned, deliberate, policy of a powerful modern state  Nazis proclaimed that Jews were the source of all evil, the Uieltfeind (world enemy) o Nazis borrowed from Christianity the notion of a battle between two enemies (to them, the evildoers were the Jews) – Jewish people were the betrayer of Christ, the betrayer of Christians o Used Christian language to demonize Jews, even though the Nazi Reich was not itself associated to Christianity o Mission to rid the world of Jews  An apocalyptic generation of anti-Semitism  The world was at war over the notion of good and evil  Nazis thought they were bringing about a utopian world – thought that they were doing what was best for the world  Hitler though the German Reich would last 1000 years  Attempts to recreate Old Testament communities Unpacking the Introduction  2000 BCE  1000 BCE, around the time of king David o Because Jesus is the heir of king David, he deserved the title of king of the je\Jews  (0 CE, Jesus is born]  No one knows what happened to the “lost tribes of Israel”  1940: the Jewish people achieved success  Officially dispersed in 1980 CE casino d  1096 CE first – crusade,  Many were going to the Holy Land to rebuild their community  Many a pilgrimage  World migration, both inland ano  Asked many wealthy people teal Started to arrive in Poland at their invitation The exploitation of the New World was financed from the bootu Many Jews being exploited by their country In the Medieval Ages, the Jews had a mac, making thi Early Modern Age  1789, French Revolution  Jews received their right back  Jews became citizens of France – the first time they were citizens of a modern state  1870, a new word enters the European political discourse: anti-Semitism o A new, modern, form of hatred towards the Jews o When the term was coined it was very specifically used for describing Jews from a political standpoint  By the end of the 19 century the German and Fre
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