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Lecture 6

HLTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Asthma, Housing First

Health Studies
Course Code
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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Week 6: Housing
Examine how housing and homelessness affect health
Examine how public policy, including the Housing First program, can address homelessness &
improve health
Define key terms related to housing, homelessness and the Housing First program
Housing and Health
Appropriate housing is a social determinant of health
Poor housing results in ill-health
o Poor ventilation
o Overcrowding
o Safety issues
o Lead-based paints
o Heating and cooling
What are the effects of poor housing
Physical health
o Respiratory diseases
o Asthma
o Injuries
Psychosocial health
o Anxiety
o Depression
o Stress
Core Housing Need
Below "acceptable housing" standards (adequate condition, of suitable size, and affordable)
Adequate dwellings reported by their residents as not requiring any major repairs
Suitable dwellings with enough bedrooms for the size and make up of resident households
Affordable dwellings with cost less than 30% of before tax household income
Who is at risk?
Couples 6%
Lone parents 26.2%
One person households 21.6%
Low income 50.4%
Moderate income 10.8%
Off reserve Aboriginal households 19%
Neighbourhood and Health
The patterning of the health status of populations can be explained by the location where people spend
their lives
Where you live affects your health
o Access to services and amenities
o Health behaviour
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