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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

PovertyAbsolute povertyRelative poverty o Being poor relative to those around o Most impact on healthHugh SegalPoverty is in the beginning and in the end about not having enough money to live on with self respect dignity or hopeMarginalizationUNESCO o Occurs when systemically excluded from meaningful participation in economic political social and cultural forms of human activity in their communities o Denied the opportunity to fulfill themselves as human beingsCosts of povertyDirect costs o Social assistanceIndirect costs o HomelessnessSocial costs o Wasted potentialHuman costs o Indignity humiliation shameBasic Income James Mulvalefinancial benefit that is universal unconditional and adequate to ensure a decent lifeGuaranteed Annual Income negative income tax Benefits of Basic Income o Recognition of unpaid labour o More flexible labour force o Promotes economic independence for women o Simplifies income security system saving money o Enhances consumer purchasing power benefits the economy o Enhances democracy political empowerment o Social cohesion o Potential to end poverty and marginalization
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