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Queen's University
Interdisciplinary Studies
IDIS 210
Donato Santeramo

the intentionality of the author the intention of you the intention of the work itself none is more important than the other and none alone can express the workform and content are inseparable Exit Through the Gift Shop graffiti is not sellable can disappearwhen its on something it can be sellable which is what the street artists were trying to avoid sometimes thing come about because they want to fight about something but then ends up being reversed what is art what is an art what is the function of art in todays society if it has any a happeningperformance that only happened in that moment could not be sold same idea as street art banksy saysstreet art is as valid as any type of art street art is more effective than traditional art because it delivers the message to more people Thierry is not a true artist because his work is not original according to prof its b
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