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Lecture 6

MATH 120 - Week 6 Lecture 2

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MATH 120
Rahul Kumar

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ー,ny are tiv(Uiudhws of trig furckre? LEMMA: Reno sex p.1 Tofinda lowe, boundSuppse-hulKA% and consdr L;cocuor sich nor... ど ... is a Fruper subset oL the tangce CA Vset oL e,㣺angce oA4 5 12 )/ 주 Area sc (he )(21)-Avea OAG (basa)(night) =fonCr) rk PosiTion, we nave D 01 sin (x习eCosCv) pup : we now hwi。 2sin(쓰2mCos ( br-sin (x)ㄱㅋin 5inCa ) ご1 co5c cos (x ) にtan Css) 3 사ion Dr I /dne>1, til-mix)] Zel-H4nly))--( tum)叱ー+。 Sowion e (It fan 2 (W) (1-tanCY ) + )+1an C = 2 (it)-4n~Cr)) ( l-Mhcy) ) 2 p.oem L, K, n211か4h arwens SinCrJ cunol Rex In- er Sout fen Sauhan SvVADCsinck)Jeus(リ、ne dangentInt/JSince at kras am eauci iii-an glenlyih Sin (a)-ka-aa n wi un chy34-8o/LW"vvn by d2で·Xecond-e Openin hvnez ー , ny are tiv ( Uiudhws of trig furckre ? LEMMA : Reno
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