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Lecture 11

MUSC 102 Lecture 11: Music Week 11

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Queen's University
MUSC 102
Kip Pegley

Music Week 11 Wednesday Musicals o Oklahoma! (1943) o The Phantom of the Opera (1986) o Musical is a combo of opera and vaudeville o One story like an opera o Accessible tunes and songs like vaudeville West Side Story o West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein (19181990) o More about Bernstein: continuation of Copland (for the masses) every day music interested in sounds around him all around puerto rican kids were playing. right then and there we had out theme for west side story a contemporary setting echoing a classic myth o takes story Romeo and Juliet back to Shakespeare o updates romeo and juliet to modern day new york o tony and maria and street gangs are the new updates o lots of musical contrast: 1) gang music is fast and syncopated and dissonant; 2) lovers are more consonant and slower o links the musical is an interval > tritone, which splits the octave in two (C > F) o tritone = the link Maria song song Cool is a gang song (peurto rican gang vs american gang called the jets) twists Maria song notes .. also uses tritone o Bernstein was a bridge art music can go over and write musicals because of what was happening within music after WWII in the U.S. things were starting to shift o 20th century after WWII there are shifts in attitudes and forms the Second Stage of Modernism o first stage: early 20th century Debussy, Stravinsky, Schoenberg o second stage: i) increased control total serialism (precise and ordered); ii) increased freedom lots of possibilities for performers and every performance is different iii) page 225 score (Look at this v important) Bernsteins America o focuses on alteration of meters gets rhythmically complicated measure 68 then 34 (eighth notes) o word painting 0:17 tropical breezes o instruments Latin percussion o dancing exciting o songs with simple and catchy melodies Vaudeville shows: o variety show o around from late 19th century and into the 20th century o 1015 unrelated acts primarily for male audience o burlesquesexy dance o got to perform what ever kind of talent they had (like americas got talent) o dancing women dancing dogs fire eating o for the masses o musical linked to vaudeville because super accessible John Cage (19121992) o one of the most influential composers of 20th century
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