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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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MUSC 171
Kip Pegley

th Nov 11 Remembrance Day “Highway of Heroes” (2010) by The Trews • Transparent texture • some call and response • lots of folk instrumentation (accordion and violin provide tone  imitates bagpipe drone) • Celtic/military sounds • European folk influences in Canada vs. Blues in U.S. Relief Rock BBC Famine Report • 1984, CBC’s Brian Stewart, Ethiopian famine • BBC news broadcast “Do They Know it’s Christmas” by the Band Aids  British • Call and response • More call to action/DIY, urgent • Bob Geldof, Midge Ure “We Are the World” (January 1985) by USA for Africa  American • Focused on each celebrity solos overall • “United Support of Artists” for Africa • Produced and slick, almost the antithesis of Band Aid • Note that there are musicians here from across musical genres (we see Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Harry Belefonte, and many others. Aka large appeal) “Tears Are Not Enough” (February 1985) by The Northern Lights  Canadian • Call to action • More unity between celebrities • Low budget • Cultural icons outside pop music (Hockey!, Eugene Levy, etc.) • Features bilingualism • Only video of the three that shows the relief part of the project (Had actual footage of famine in Ethiopia) USO shows (united Service Organizations) The Concert for Bangladesh, George Harrison and Ravi Shankar August 1, 1971 Artists United Against Apartheid, Steven Van Zandt, 1985 Live 8, July 2, 2005 Live Earth, Producer Kevin Wall and Al Gore, July 7, 2007 Live Aid Wembley and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia The Cars: Drive video from Live Aid Queen’s Live Aid set  cultural empowerment (people can make a difference with their voices) - call and response - “Hammer to Fall” - Cold war, hammer on a pistol or rifle, judge’s gavel Grunge and Riot Grrls • Roots in punk rock “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana • Kurt Cobain, cult of personality • Music: shatters Doctrine of Affections, about cultural, generational & personal impotence, gen x • Riot Grrls • More empowered, more anger, less whining • 3 wave/post-feminist “I Like Fucking” by Bikini Kill • Again, 3 wave/post-feminist • Rebelling against women ‘norms’ • Note the title includes “I” instead of “we” Lili
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