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PHIL 115

Philosophy 115 Week Eight Notes Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900): - Strong Christian upbringing, father was in the clergy. - Expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. - Both his father and his brother passed away while he was young. - He was raised by his mother and had a troubled relationship with his sister. - Never earned much notoriety within his life. - Worked in a teaching position in Sweden for ten years until he took his permanent medical leave. - Never had a real home – moved around a lot due to medical reasons – and never had much of a romantic life either. - His writing style was quite unique. - He had a purposefully excessive, literary, rhetorical writing style. - Nietzsche believed philosophy was “the personal confession of the individual thinker”. - He is very particular about expressing his ideas as his ideas. Twilight of the Idols: - Twilight of the Idols addresses the issue of a lack of conviction among the then current citizens. - The name of the book is in reference to the “setting of the sun” on convictions. - “Idols” refers to the old ideals. This ideals are outmoded, archaic and do not stand up. - Our ideals from the past have degraded into what Nietzsche calls “Idols”. - Nietzsche summarizes our ideas under the banner of nihilism; essentially we believe in nothing. - He believes that for the most part, we don’t even like new ideas. The lack of support for our various philosophical ideas is asto
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