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November 15, 2012- Parliamentary vs Presidentality .docx

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Political Studies
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POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

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 In a parliamentary system if the government loses a vote in parliament they have to resign  Party discipline is necessary in order to ensure the confidence of government o Is stronger in parliament than in congress American vs. Canadian legislatures  Similarities o Both bicameral, i.e. two houses o Lower houses are elected by rep by pop  Same number of representatives as population  One person, one vote, one value  Differences o Differences in party discipline o Role/composition of Senate (elected vs. apt based on region)  Power of the house of representatives is balanced with the Senate o In Canada our senators are appointed, America’s are elected  Offset the negative influence that voting might instil  If you appoint senators you’re more likely to have gender equality, etc. o Relationship of the executive (cabinet) to the legislatures  Fusion of powers (Canada)  Related to the principle of responsible government
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