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November 22, 2012- Failure of Political Parties.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Why have political parties failed?  Inability to accommodate regional, cultural, linguistic or sectarian interests  Don’t represent interests (class, ideology, or gender, age)  Are no longer relevant to youth  Unable to translate new aspirations into political projects o Unable to accommodate greater participation o Need for broad-based, uneasy coalition of support o Organizational reasons o What is political?  Technology has made parties less relevant  Concentration of power in leader’s office Institutional and technological reasons  Complexity of policy making and bureaucracy  Increase in the judicialization of politics  Patronage used to support a party because of future rewards o Parties no longer have much say in patronage  Rise of social media  The way television mediates discussion around what is political  Predominance of polling o No need for a policy conference when you can get info on what the public is thinking  Strategists tell us what to think Other Options  Interest groups o Sometimes lead to the formation
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