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October 25, 2012- Political Culture .docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

 Independent variable: the thing that is manipulated or tested  Dependant variable: the response that is measured Political Culture  Beliefs, values and orientations  More than public opinion  Collective consciousness Elements of political culture:  Knowledge o You cannot involve in a discussion if you do not have knowledge o Cognitive- what we know o Political knowledge is much lower in this generation than the previous Average number of correct answers about political knowledge (/56)  Sweden: 40  Germany & Italy: 38  UK: 28  Canada: 27  USA: 23  In other countries citizens believe they can make more of a change and the government will listen  Lack of knowledge reflects our lack of learning; not a lot of political and history classes  Our system doesn’t demand much of citizens, so there is not much incentive to learn about politics  Affective Orientation o Feelings and degree of attachment o How we feel about institutions o Flags provide a connection with our nation
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