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February 25, 2013- Fusing and Seperating the UK.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Fusing and Separating: The UK  Cabinet in parliament fuses supreme political authority  Separates head of state and head of government o Head of state (the monarch) personalized repository of the sovereignty of the state; he/she reigns but does not rule o Head of government (the Prime Minister): not sovereign but wields effective power  Symbolism is important UK Model Adopted by Colonies, but with Adaptions  Federal systems like Canada and Australia have separate courts (Supreme Court in Canada, High Court in Australia) o Law Lords in UK until 2009  Judges in House of Lords  Now UK has Supreme Court  No colony adopted a House of Lords but some adopted a bicameral model o Commons/Senate in Canada o House of Representatives/Senate in Australia o National Assembly/National Council of Provinces in South Africa  Some adopted bicameral models
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