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January 21, 2013- The Essay and The State.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

The Essay  The assignment: Political puzzle of your choice o Excluding fall term topics  “The puzzle as a research exercise” o Demonstrating understanding of a phenomenon o Explaining why something is as it is  NOT o Editorializing: why something is good or bad o Prescribing: what should be done  Outline: o Cover page: proposed title, name, student number, TAs name, date of submission o 2-3 pages of text: outline puzzle and how you propose to address it o 2-3 pages includes bibliography (no number of sources) o Due February 14. See course outline o 10% of final grade for the term This Week…  The state and its function  Sovereignty Comparing Societies  The state is a relatively recent invention o Modern state in the last 400-500 years  Stateless societies  Societies governed by states o Organized o Institutionalized o Codified rules o Monopoly on use of force o Class division of labour o Separation of go
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