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March 18, 2013- Relocating Sovereignty.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Relocating Sovereignty  Coercive practices o Open balloting  Not secret ballot (first used in Australia)  Someone watching/responding to voters’ choice  There is a threat of harm  Employers instructed employees on how to vote o Job depended on it  Iranian Mullahs  Use of force  Elections in Afghanistan o Killing of voters  Corrupt practices o Offers of inducement  Offer bribes of cash and alcohol o Padding the voter’s list  Graveyard voting o Drawing constituency boundaries  “Rotten boroughs”  Riddling known as borough  Prior to Reform Act, 1832  Referred to electoral boundaries that hadn’t been adjusted in years  Some boroughs had less than 50 voters due to population shifts o Many were tenants of the men who represented the borough  Gerrymandering  Drawing constituency boundaries o Elbridge Gerry, governor of Mass. In 1812  Max friends, minimum enemies  Dispersed opponents amongst friendly population o “Packing” and “cracking
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