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Lecture 3

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 sept 19 Week 2 lecture 3  Organic statism o The leader knows what the common good is even if the rest of the people don’t. o Anyone brining in private interests that are different from the common good are considered corrupt and traitors. o No one can disagree with the common good , you would also be considered corrupt if you did.  This makes it easy to jail politicians and anybody who speaks out against the leader.  Liberal Pluralism o Mirror image of organic statism o Exists in consolidated democracies (ie. Canada, United States ect) o These countries have a history of religious conflict  Through these religious conflicts countries learned that sometimes the state does not have identical interests to yours therefore people tend to be distrustful of the state.  United States is built on religion o There is a bourgeoisie revolution which leads to the emergence of a merchant class o But…….  The merchant class encounters a king that regulates too much, taxes too much ect.  Thus bourgeoisie developed distrust and a hatred of the state  Results in a clash between the monarchy and the merchant class  (why the bourgeoisie emerge) o Countries could also inherit liberal pluralist values  This leads to a more positive view of the state because the country did not go through their own revolutions (ie. Canada) o There is a private sphere (citizens have private lives)  In organic statism the private sphere is controlled if not completely absent, the state has the right to essentially control/spy on you. o In public sphere state guarantees the right to equal treatment when you participate politically. o How these states operate  Bottom up system  Individuals are assumed to have their own values and preferences; the state doesn’t ask questions about your beliefs.  Therefore you are free to voluntarily organize and promote your own interests.
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