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Pols 250 Fall term notes secret slides part 1.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 250
Colin Farrelly

Pols 250 Fall term notes: Secret Slides ( up until Aristotle) Part 1  Secret slide 1 o What is Justice answer #1: Socrates position (represents platos position)  Justice occurs when each group performs only their role  Leaders can make mistakes, therefore not every decision will be in their favour.  Secret slide 2 o What is Justice answer #2 :Cephalus  Justice is telling the truth and returning anything we borrow  Socrates refute: What if there is a reason (ie. For the greater good) that we do not return something. Ex. A weapon unreturned prevents a murder, therefore prevents an injustice.  Justice is also to benefit ones friends and harm ones enemies.  Socrates refute: Someone good can appear bad and vice versa.  Secret slide 3 o What is Justice answer #3: Polymarchus  Justice is giving a man hi
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