PSYC 235 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Intellectual Disability, Dual Diagnosis, Lifelong Learning

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Published on 7 Aug 2012
Queen's University
PSYC 235
Developmental Lecture: Patricia Minnes
Fri. Feb. 3, 2012
Developmental Disability
Definitional Confusion
Developmental Delay
- Intellectual functioning > 2nd percentile and child’s age < 8 years
Learning Disability
- IQ in normal range but significant
More Definitions
Dual Diagnosis
- Developmental Disability combined with significant
Classifications Systems
DSM-IV (1994) Definition
- Significantly sub average intellectual functioning
- IQ of approx. 70 or below
- Deficits in adaptive functioning in at least two areas
- Onset before the age of 18 years
AAMR Definition (1992)
- revised and expanded definition
- raised the IQ cut off score to 75
AAMR Classification System (2002)
- Dimension I: Intellectual Abilities
- Dimension II: Adaptive Behaviour
- Dimension III: Participation, Interactions & Social Roles
- Dimension IV: Health
- Dimension V: Context / Environmental Factors
o Physical: Health, Fitness, Nutrition
o Material: Housing, Possessions, Income
o Social: Community Presence
o Cognitive: Stimulation, Education, Choice
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