PSYC 400 Lecture 10: Course Design

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29 Dec 2020
Week 10: Course Design
Jill’s Summary
Constructive alignment: make sure learning outcome, teaching method, assessment aligned
o Backward design
1. Identify learning outcomes (enduring and core concepts/skills)
2. Determine acceptable evidence (assessment types)
3. Plan learning experiences and teaching (learning events)
Learning outcomes made of knowledge, skills, habits of mind/attitudes
o Use active verbs and make sure measurable when writing them
o Maps onto plan and program learning outcomes government degree level expectations
for which faculty determines how those expectations manifest within the field and plan
o Summative: assessment of learning i.e. grades
o Formative: feedback valuable, progress-oriented
o Must be aligned, scaffolded, valid (alignment, weighting, wording, etc.)
Instructional strategies How can I get my students to where they need to go?
o Knowledge transmission help them take in and retain information; efficiency; CLT
o Schema development constructivism; guidance; elaborate with each other
o Transfer and application move to higher-order thinking beyond memorization (apply to
different contexts); authentic assignments focused on application
Instructional materials
o Optimize intrinsic, reduce extrinsic, increase germane cognitive load (not too challenging
but still relevant, through transfer tasks and interleaving)
o Strategies: segmenting, offloading, signalling, etc. (Mayer article: MLMs)
Exam Review Notes
Teacher-centered will focus on testing content and responsibility ends with material
Student-centered will focus on growth and genuine understanding with responsibility extending
to creating a conducive environment
Transparency be intentional about course design, explain why youre doing what youre doing
Design course in way that helps students learning i.e. transfer activities, discussion, feedback
opportunities, collaborative group work
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