PSYC 400 Lecture 11: Racism in the Curriculum

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29 Dec 2020
Instructional Workshop: Addressing Racism Through the Curriculum
Anti-oppressive research: discussion of power in research, challenges connections between
how/what knowledge is produced, who is entitled to engage
Anti-racist education: perspective that cuts across all subjects to address histories and
experiences of people left out of curriculum
o Teaches structural, economic, social roots of inequality, making room for other cultural
perspectives in classroom
Four pillars of inclusive teaching…
o Classroom climate i.e. QTBIPOC to feel engaged and included
Action steps instructor commitment i.e. learner-centered syllabus; get to know
students; check yourselves and work together (self-assess)
o Curriculum i.e. western and Eurocentric ways of knowing
Current curricula pay little attention to social context
Action steps deconstruction + reconstruction; teach in more languages; recover
past histories; safeguard QTBIPOC knowledge; critique western normative ways
of knowing/doing
o Indigeneity/identity i.e. importance of survival and co-existence with nature in IK
Action steps
Enculturation: students learn IK by making person connection
Autonomous acculturation: students learn IK relevant to them
Anthropological instruction: study what makes up Indigenous cultures
o Assessment i.e. transparency, clear expectations, detailed and consistent feedback
Choice of assessment most built in Eurocentric standards
Culturally fair assessment includes opportunities to participate openly, to
demonstrate learning that indicates understanding
Action steps evaluate stereotypes within assessment; equity scanning of
instrument and items before use; employ specialist editors to examine language
of assessment
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