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Rels 161 B 6.2

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Queen's University
Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Rels 161 B 62 When we first started this class he asked us a question Religions are myths doesnt mean theyre not true but being a myth it provides a narrative a story the point of the story speaking to things that are vital to being human such as Why am I here and How do I treat others This helps provide us with a road map with how to behave and how to be and get our values which is why in this class we talk about what it means to be a sexual human being and why it is regulated in religions There is a variety of sexuality in tradition therefore we must take a pluralistic framework to discuss this So to to we have to look at our relationship with theENVIRONMENT Some religion takes a positive view to it some have a little more negativity to itSometimes is has intrinsic inherit meaning on its ownNature vs Environment We can manipulate nature and that is when it becomes environmentJust like religion shapes us so does our environmentDEEP ECOLOGY Is reassessing the narrative and how it frames our relationship with natureDude argues that religion orients our relation to reality and according to him believes religion is what is causing
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