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Judaism - Sexuality

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Judaism 552012 72600 AM JudaismBegan as slaves to Egyptians o Freed by Moses o Kings David and SolomonTemple was destroyed Jews in exileProphets spoke about return to GodJudaism identifies through historyCovenanto God YahwehChosen people o God is saviour protectorLaws of nature and how to live and treat people10 commandmentsEveryone has sinned ExileMust return to God o Ethical MonotheismOne godTeaching of Rabbi focused on Torah o Written and spoken law of god o Spirituality could be expressed wherever Torah was flexibilityTorah essence of relationship with God4 Movements of JudaismOrthodox o Torah LiteralConservative o People were inspired by GodReform o Word of humans who wrote the TorahReconstructivistSexualityViewed sex as a positive view of family structureFamily is the heart of Jewish community o Marriage is stability of family
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