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Week 9

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Religious Studies
RELS 226
Sayeh Meisami

Week 9 Monday November 5 Islamic Mysticism or Sufism Tariqah vs Shari‟ah  Associated with spiritual meaning and path – it is not a sect. It‟s about the meaning and beyond what we just see. Interested in what is hidden.  Away from „ulama‟s formalized religion. Sufism is not about form, but about the content. Critics concerned that this goes against the idea of religion.  Search for passion and spontaneity. It‟s not just believing with their mind but feeling with their heart.  The quran and the prophet as sources. They don‟t look for other sources.  Ali as inspiration – he is the first imam. It is believed that he is the very meaning of prophecy – the closest one to get to God.  Spiritual interpretation of the quran  Zahir vs. batin (exoteric vs esoteric)  Constant remembrance of God. Feels that we should always be remembering God and that he should always be present in our minds  The word as manifestation and sign.
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