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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Marx:  Capitalism to be largely based on irrationality: “Individuals are ruled by abstractions”  Development of capitalism was inevitable  Karl Marx saw class as related to the means of production (only bourgeoisie and proletariat)  Marx predicted revolution would occur in industrial societies as the workers rebelled against the owners  Focuses upon political economy  Class formation  Class conflict  Dynamic of history  Social classes- ruling class had the most power  The wealthy have the most means which gave them political power  Economy is core to society o Start at economy materialism  Over production  Inequalities in society  A lot of the problems in the society came due to obsession in materialism  He is known for capitalism believing in it  Political economy  The communist manifesto  Base and superstructure  Proletariat and bourgeoisie Durkheim:  Believed in Cartesian method, which was to view the mind as being wholly separate from the physical body.  Sensation and the perception of reality are thought to be the source of untruth and illusions, with the only reliable truths to be had in the existence of a metaphysical mind.  Such a mind can perhaps interact with a physical body, but it does not exist in the body, or even in the same physical plane as the body.  Cartesian thought divides the world into three areas of existence:  That inhabited by the physical body (matter)  Tha
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