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SOCY 275
Stacey Alerie

Social Learning Theories  Focus on ideas and behaviours are learned o Criminal behaviours can be learned  Association with other individuals  Processes of learning, what is learned by the people  Influences o Psychological learning theories (conditioning) o Aristotle (learning from experience) Development of ideas Edwin Sutherland Differential Association Theory 9 main points  Criminal behaviour is learned - being trained  Criminal behaviour is learned through interactions with others In a process of communication  Principle part of learning criminal behaviour occurs within intimate personal groups - not tv, not movies, not games, but specific friends  When criminal behaviour is learned, learning includes o Technique of committing crime o specific direction of motives, drives, and attitudes, impacts how we see certain situations  Specific directions from motives and drives are learned from the definition of legal codes as favorable or unfavorable - abide by law, dominant culture, other cultures hold values that are violation to the law, these groups are mixed together - culture conflict - groups coexisting  A person becomes deviant because of excess definitions that are favorable to violation of law o Hanging out with those with criminal patterns o Those definitions dominate and interpreted situations based on those definitions o Neutral associations, mostly what we do in the world, has no effect on us learning about criminal behaviour o Get taught by learning about the legal code, what prevents or causes crime  Differential associations may vary in frequency, duration, and intensity o people we associate with are different, how often we see them, how long we see them, how close we are to them- contributes to why certain associations are more important and create more definitions unfavorable of law  The process of learning criminal behaviour by association and anti cr
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