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Lecture 2

Week 2 - 4

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SOCY 301
David M U K A R A M I- W O O D

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Week 2GREAT CITIES IMPERIAL CITIES Capitalism Colonialism and Urban Political EconomyIntroductionThe Origins of CitiesUrban Centres of Ancient CivilizationsCity StatesThe Emergence of Continental ArchipelagosThe rise of world economiesThe Imperial CityColonial CitiesOddities and StandoutsThe Postwar Urban World The Origins of Cities What is a CityAgricultural SurplusTradeReligionWar and DefencePolitical PowerThe Public and Public Buildingscf SumerAncient Urban CentresMother citiesWar determines hierarchies but EgyptPermanent versus shifting capitalsEnvironmental factors eg Tanis in EgyptPolitical factorseg Chinese citiesChanganLoyanPeking NankingCity Populations 100 ADRome 450000Luoyang Honan China 420000Seleucia on the Tigris Iraq250000Alexandria Egypt250000Antioch Turkey150000Anuradhapura Sri Lanka 130000Peshawar Pakistan 120000Carthage Tunisia100000Suzhou Chinac100000Smyrna Turkey90000 City StatesThe oldest form of stateGovernment of city and state is the sameTend to cluster egAthens Sparta Argos etc in Ancient GreeceMediaeval Northern Italian cities Milano Firenze VeneziaIn regions clustering of city states into leagues eg Hansa City Populations 1000 ADCordova Spain450000Kaifeng China400000Constantinople Istanbul Turkey 300000Angkor Cambodia 200000Kyoto Japan175000Cairo Egypt135000Baghdad Iraq125000Nishapur Neyshabur Iran125000AlHasa Saudi Arabia 110000Patan Anhilwara India 100000 Transcontinental Archipelagos y Integration of trading links c1250 Europe to China y AbuLughod 1989transcontinental archipelagonot yet a modern network o C1300includes Bruges Venice Constantinople Baghdad Calicut Canton Malacca
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