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ACC 110 Lecture Notes - Emerging Markets, Business Cycle

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ACC 110
Marla Spergel

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Which type of investment is considered the least type of investment?
Treasury Bills
What does the Morcantile theory state?
What is an emerging market?
Domestic market from developing countries that have high risks and potential large returns
What is a composite leading indicator and list 4?
Does realestate have higher risk than common shares?
Name two things that happen when there is a contraction monetary policy?
State one stock exchange and explain how the point system is developed?
What is the most important factor affecting the security market?
Interest Rates
What is the CSC, what does it allow?
The CSC allows you to sell investments
How does a high exchange rate affect Canada’s economy?
When does the stock price go up in the business cycle?
Expansion & Recovery
If you adopt the EMH theory, would you be adopting an active or passive strategy?
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