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BCH 580
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

GMS-401 Tuesday Class Sections 011,021,031 Fall 2011 Presentation List Edit List As at September 27,2011. Some corrections may remain. Not Final. Date Tour Firm Presenters October 11 P1 ???? P2 ???? P3 Molson/Coors Samaiudin Akhtar Peter Bekeros Osama Malik Mike Gualtheri Hugo Aviles Amanda D'Ascanio Brandon Chafe P4 ???? October 25 P5 Gay Lea Tina Jian Sahar Khasab Rojin Rahmati Vita Kwan Harpreet Dhaliwal Kyle VanQuickenborne P6 Campbell's Soup Erika Montisano Anab Sabriye Phuong Nguyen Sagal Gure Roushon Chowdhury Josh Dundee Sutharijan Sundramoorthy Nadia Alnasser P7 Much Music Abinash Aranan Raveen Rahulan Jessica Parmar Avnee Mistry Sinthujaah Nadarajah Kavitha Saiyanthan Jimmy Chung Rajat Soni Leo Tsang Chi-Fung Terence Kong P8 Christie Bakery Tom Trocki Natasha Barrett Xin Zhi Li Christina Mark Sandy Tran Brad Seo Alexander Gryga Daniel Min Mahi Choudhury November 1 P9 Bombardier Ryan Ferizovic Matthew Ignagni Alexandra Terek Borys Brodziuk Ashley Sromek Oleskij Dyoujenko Jovana Borojevic Nadia Pezzo Sonia Bhalla P10 CTV Khatera Noor Latonya Igbinosun Kevin Olatunde Jessica Kirk Ian Amirthanathan P11 Vileda-Marino Mfg. Anthony Anile Emilio DiGiammarino Paul DiLuca Kate White Michael Carroccetto Austin Cisco P12 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Natalie Czobit Vivien Chow Tyler Hamilton Aileen Karl Kristina Unic Linsay-Ryan Pereira Michael Labrador November 8 P13 Amsterdam Brewery D=Tanga Small Jonathan Aellen Sandra Her
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